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Workdata Overview

This interface is an overview of the collections and integrations that exist in the system.

Through this interface the user has the ability to:

  • Create a collection, by clicking the plus button on the top right, and filling the form on the right, similar to the process explained in collections.
  • Update a collection or integration, by clicking on the block describing it and changing it's values.

The relations term describes the connection between two collections. This means that there can be a field in one collection that refers to a record or records of another collection.
In the Relations part of the interface, we can see an overview of those relations.
If we want to add a relation we click the "ADD RELATION" button and we input the following information in the window that pops up:

  • To service: The collection to make a relation with.
  • Relationship on current service object: Current collection.
  • Property name on current service object: The name of the relation field in the current collection.
  • Relation resolve path to service object: The query that the relation will use.
  • Relation arguments to query: In this table the query attributes have to be input.