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Get data block


Get data out of an object.


  • Object
    The object containing the desired data. This will trigger an output immidiatly.

  • Path (mandatory)
    Path to the key of the desired data. Can be a combination of keys, if the desired data is nested further in the object. E.g. will return the value of the id. This will not trigger any output.


  • Value
    The data located at path. Can return anything including, but not limited to: text, numbers, list or another object.


I wish to extract the age of my person object:

  "node": {
    "name":"Oswald Cobblepot"
    "alias:"The Pengiun"
    "ability": "Very lucky"
graph LR
A(Person object) --Object--> B(Get Data)
C(['']) --Path--> B
B --> D(['Oswald Cobblepot'])


  • Cannot be used on lists. Use the 'loop array' block to get access to the indicidual items.
  • Make sure the path is set before providing the object.