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JSON decode block


Convert text into a JSON object or hold static data in a JSON format.

Most often used to hold static data.


  • Execute
    Executes when a truthy value is set.

  • Value
    Takes a text representation of a JSON object. If not connected, press the 'Edit default' button to create a default object with static data. The object can be as simple as just text, a number, a boolean or completely empty.


  • Object
    Outputs an object.


I have a single line text representation of my object. I cannot use the 'Get data' block on a single line of text. Therefore I need to convert it to an object first.


{ "node": { "id": "something unique", "type": "soda", "price": 3}}

The conversion:

graph LR
A(Button) --Execute--> D(JSON decode)
B([Text]) --Value--> D
D --Value--> C([Object])


If the object only has one value and not wrapped in {}, it will output the value as it's data type and not an object. E.g. if the JSON decode block only contains this

"Here's a string of text"

The output type will be TEXT.