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Modify period of DateTime block


This information concerns a series of blocks, that can manipulate DateTime objects. These blocks allow to modification of a DateTime object. Possible manipulations:

  • Add Period to DateTime
  • Subtract Period to DateTime

Note: Using Luxon functions for all math operations.


  • Date (Optional)
    The DateTime object, you wish to manipulate. Does not trigger any output when set. Is forgotten after execution. The default value is the time right now.

  • Value
    Takes a number. Describes the size of the operation without units. E.g. 5 hours/minutes/seconds etc.

  • Type
    Set the unit of the value provided. Select between seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, and years.


  • Date
    The new DateTime object after manipulation.


graph LR
A(['20/4 1995 14:35']) --Date--> I(Add Period to DateTime)
B([5]) --Value--> I
C([years]) --Type--> I
I --Date--> D(['20/4 2000 14:35'])


  • Days are not available. Use sets of 24 hours.