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Notification dialog


Give the user an non-interupting pop up box with some text.


  • Show
    Displays the pop-up box if any truthy value is received.

  • Title
    Takes any text. Witten with a bigger font in the dialog box.

  • Duration
    Takes a number. Sets duration in ms before the pop-up disappears automatically. Default is 300ms

  • Color
    Takes HEX color code. Sets the background color of the pop-up box. The text will automatically be a contrasting color. Default is green '#15B805'


When the user presses save, I'd like to inform that the action has been done.

graph LR
A([Click event]) --Show--> C(Notification dialog)
B(['User saved']) --Title--> C
D([300]) --Duration--> C
E(['#15B805']) --Color--> C