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Concatenate object block


Combine multiple objects / attributes into a single object. Only executes, when all the inputs has been set.

An attribute is simply a key-value pair. Like age : 26 where 'age' is the key, and '26' is the value. The value, can also be another / multiple keys, but it shall always end with a value at some point. Even if the value is null.


Set the input object, that you whish to expand. Every time you connect an input a new input field will be generated automatically.

  • Flush
    If you enable it then after every execution all the input fields will be cleared and they have to be provided with new values.


  • Value
    Single object containg the combined values of all the inputs.


To create an object like this:

class  Person {
	Name  :  "Omar"
	Age  : 26

We can use two of the 'set data' blocks, to create the two attributes. By combining the attributes with the 'concatenate object' block, we create our object.

graph LR
	A(set data - name) --Input--> C(Concatenate object)
	B(set data - age) --Input--> C
	C --Object--> D(Destination) 

OBS, if the attribute 'Person' is wanted as a 'wrapper' for the object, use the 'set data' block as destination.

It also works with nested objects. The patch will always overwrite, if there's a match on a 'key'.


Make sure that all the inputs are set, otherwise you'll get no output. If you provide it with a single object its not going to get triggered. Input count needs to be bigger than 1.