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Create DateTime block


To convert a textrepresntation af a DateTime to an actual DateTime object.

A DateTime object, can be manipulated with operations like "Add 4 hours" or "change timezone" unlike a textrepresentation. This also allows correct comparisons, when used in conjunction with the 'Conditional' block


  • Execute
    Executes when a truthy value is set.

  • Input
    A text representation of a given DateTime. Is forgotten when output has been provided. If nothing is provided, the default value is now.

  • Input Format (Mandatory)
    The expected format provided to the input. Configure by setting tokens in the same format, as expected e.g. "mai 25 1982" -> "LLLL dd yyyy". Check the characters in the table below )

  • Timezone
    Converts any offset from the input to the desired timezone e.g. 'America/New_York', 'Europe/Amsterdam' or 'UTC'


  • Value
    The DateTime object after conversion.


My database holds the time and date for my booking confirmations in the 'UTC' timezone. I would like to convert it to 'America/New_York'.

graph LR
A(["2023-08-15T13:35:00.000+1"]) --Execute--> D(Create DateTime)
A --Input--> D
B(["YYYY-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ"]) --Input Format--> D
C(["America/New_York"]) --Timezone--> D
D --Value--> E(y)


  • Use ' to escape tokens. Often needed to interpret the 'T' as shown in the example.
  • Be aware of the difference between 'timezone' and 'time offset'.

Table of tokens

(Examples below given for 2014-08-06T13:07:04.054 considered as a local time in America/New_York).

Standalone token Format token Description Example
S millisecond, no padding 54
SSS millisecond, padded to 3 054
u fractional seconds, (5 is a half second, 54 is slightly more) 54
uu fractional seconds, (one or two digits) 05
uuu fractional seconds, (only one digit) 5
s second, no padding 4
ss second, padded to 2 padding 04
m minute, no padding 7
mm minute, padded to 2 07
h hour in 12-hour time, no padding 1
hh hour in 12-hour time, padded to 2 01
H hour in 24-hour time, no padding 13
HH hour in 24-hour time, padded to 2 13
Z narrow offset +5
ZZ short offset +05:00
ZZZ techie offset +0500
z IANA zone America/New_York
a meridiem AM
d day of the month, no padding 6
dd day of the month, padded to 2 06
E c day of the week, as number from 1-7 (Monday is 1, Sunday is 7) 3
EEE ccc day of the week, as an abbreviate localized string Wed
EEEE cccc day of the week, as an unabbreviated localized string Wednesday
M L month as an unpadded number 8
MM LL month as an padded number 08
MMM LLL month as an abbreviated localized string Aug
MMMM LLLL month as an unabbreviated localized string August
y year, 1-6 digits, very literally 2014
yy two-digit year, interpreted as > 1960 (also accepts 4) 14
yyyy four-digit year 2014
yyyyy four- to six-digit years 10340
yyyyyy six-digit years 010340
G abbreviated localized era AD
GG unabbreviated localized era Anno Domini
GGGGG one-letter localized era A
kk ISO week year, unpadded 17
kkkk ISO week year, padded to 4 2014
W ISO week number, unpadded 32
WW ISO week number, padded to 2 32
o ordinal (day of year), unpadded 218
ooo ordinal (day of year), padded to 3 218
q quarter, no padding 3
D localized numeric date 9/6/2014
DD localized date with abbreviated month Aug 6, 2014
DDD localized date with full month August 6, 2014
DDDD localized date with full month and weekday Wednesday, August 6, 2014
t localized time 1:07 AM
tt localized time with seconds 1:07:04 PM
T localized 24-hour time 13:07
TT localized 24-hour time with seconds 13:07:04
TTT localized 24-hour time with seconds and abbreviated offset 13:07:04 EDT
f short localized date and time 8/6/2014, 1:07 PM
ff less short localized date and time Aug 6, 2014, 1:07 PM
F short localized date and time with seconds 8/6/2014, 1:07:04 PM
FF less short localized date and time with seconds Aug 6, 2014, 1:07:04 PM
ISO any ISO 8601 parsable date 2014-08-06T13:07:04.054-04:00