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Debug block


Give insight in the execution of the logic in the state controller. Espicially good for finding timing issues.


  • Execute
    Send any truthy value to turn on. Any falsy to turn off.


Press F12 to see output in your web browsers console.


graph LR
A(Load) --> C(Debug)
B(Switch) -- off --> C


  • When Objects and other data is expanded in Console, you'll see the state of the data after execution for all blocks. The preview shown before expanding, is a snapshot of the data when it enters / leaves a given block. There's no snapshot avaialbe of objects, since you need to expand it to see it's contents.
  • Turning on and off in complex systems with multiple frames can be tricky, since logic from other frames may execute simultaneously and clog console logs. Here you're often better off setting the view in question to load on default, so other views don't interfere.