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Set route block


Change the views loaded into the frames. Can also pass data between different views.


  • Route
    Click to set. Create the desired route of views, always starting with the top layer (usually 'home-page'). The frames available from the view, will appear underneath when selected.

  • Execute
    Loads the new views and parameters, when a true value is provided.

  • Parameters
    Always use it in conjunction with the 'Set data' block. To retrieve the data again in the new view, use the 'Get data' block on either 'URL change' event or 'Load' event. Be aware, that the data is visible in the browser URL. It is possible to set multiple parameters.


When the user clicks on an item in the list, I want to navigate to the items edit page. The ID is provided to the block as the 'loop array' block loops through the list. In the state controller the route has been defined as the following:

View: home-page
Details-view: Edit-item

The connections look like this:

graph LR
A(click) --Execute--> I(Set Route)
B(SetData: ID) --Parameters--> I


  • Make sure all frames are named. Reload the page if names are changed. Otherwise, the new names won't appear in the dropdown menu.